Product Development
We have a complete product research and development system. Each product launched must pass both laboratory tests and practical tests. Each product needs to pass more than 10 detailed tests before it can be launched on the market, so that can make sure products on the market are all high-quality products.

Strict Production Quality Control
All our products are 100% inspected. From the first process to the last process, we have dedicated equipment and personnel to track the quality of the product, especially the core foaming function and nozzle flow pressure. Strict product quality management enables us to receive almost no complaints in our years of customer service.

High-Quality Packaging
The packaging of each of our products is made of the highest quality materials. From bubble bags, stickers, and even outer packaging cartons, they are made of high-quality materials on the market. They are used in conjunction with strict packaging drop tests to ensure that the products reach the customer intact.
The Most Comprehensive OEM / ODM Service
We have been providing the most comprehensive OEM / ODM services to customers around the world. The product features, colors, and packaging formats can provide customers with comprehensive support and choice. We can also cooperate with customers to develop corresponding new products. Our goal is to enable every customer to source the most suitable foam lance in Maxshine.

Service Guarantee
We have a very complete after-sales service. We will respond to any customer's questions about the product quickly, and take 120% customer satisfaction as the service standard.